Presentation of the project manager to the team and stakeholders

Presentation of the project manager to the team and stakeholders

My name is George Brown and I will work with you as a project manager. As you know, my first working day was a week ago, but the intensive training organized by the client, as well as the onboarding of the company, unfortunately, prevents me from meeting you earlier.

I have been working in the IT sector for more than 10 years on projects of various business nature. I have faced many difficulties, but what I have learned about myself all these years is that the main engine in any project is the people and their motivation to work in the organization, and thanks to their cohesion, perseverance, and ingenuity we have always found a way out of difficult situations. As a certified BVOP project manager, I will monitor the problems and weaknesses of the project. I will use the Business-Value-Oriented Project Management (BVOPM) approaches to eliminate waste of any kind. Reference:

Projects start and end, customer relationships are never perfect, but what every company relies on is ultimately well-trained and valuable staff who work long-term and motivated, who share a sense of teamwork, who have built trust between managers and the guide. In my opinion, reproaches and blaming others do not lead to anything good, on the contrary, they generate unnecessary stress, which prevents us from thinking soberly at important moments, and makes us make hasty decisions, which we most often regret afterward.

For this reason, my first main goal in this new mission for me will be to discuss with you the current organizational problems and see how we can overcome them together and so that I can get an idea of ​​each of you up close. I will invite you to a ‘one on one’ meeting to talk about how you feel in the current situation, what you like or do not like at the moment, and how you think things could improve.

Also, I undertake to get acquainted in-depth as quickly as possible with the nature of the client’s business needs by reviewing all available project documentation and all tasks created so far, after which we will hold an operational meeting on the project as soon as possible. , in which I will expect you to give me an up-to-date status on your current tasks, to share possible blocking places and problems for you. The idea will be to draw up an effective and realistic action plan in which to assess how in the shortest possible time we could make up for the current delays in deliveries, which plan to then discuss with the company’s management and subsequently to offer and of the client.
You can contact me for any operational and organizational issues, including communication with clients, as well as with difficulties related to the business requirements of the tasks.

Last but not least, I want you to know that my door is always open for you in case you want to share a personal problem or experience. Read more:

If you have no questions, I would like to suggest to you – what do you think about the idea of ​​organizing a team lunch once a week so that we can get to know each other better and in an informal setting? I will launch an internal survey on this topic and I will communicate the results to you, and of course, I will also remain open to any type of team initiatives. Read also: Presentation of the project manager to stakeholders, clients and project teams,

I am always available, in your office or by email, on the phone, or as you see fit. About 3 times a day you can find me next to the coffee machine 🙂

I consider myself a loyal and reliable person and employee, understood, and always available. You can count on me for whatever task you entrust to me, it will be completed successfully.

Also, as a person who insists on clear and transparent communication, you will always receive it from me. In return, I want to know what expectations you have for me so that I can be of maximum benefit and support.

Something I am always proud of is that I am a highly motivated person and an ambitious person who is not afraid of work and responsibilities, I am productive, I work willingly and I easily make contact with people. And always, if I make a mistake, I take responsibility for it.

When there is a problem to be solved, I do not panic, I look for a solution, I prioritize and distribute the tasks and responsibilities to deal quickly and efficiently with the situation. Speaking of problems, I would suggest you see or hear about our project once every two weeks to give you feedback on how things are going, are there any problems, how am I moving about the schedule, etc. I will prepare reports, which I will send to you before our meetings if you want to get acquainted with them in advance. Also, once a month I will provide you with information on how I am moving with the costs and budget of the project.

I will send you a detailed list by email with the reports and what information will be included in them.

I do a great job of seeing what people are good at and encouraging them, and I support them in developing it. That’s why I know who to assign what tasks to. Do not worry about the daily activities of the project, let us deal with them, and we will update you periodically or when needed.

I believe in giving credit to people who are motivated and work hard. I do not want them to think that they and/or their actions are unnoticed and to be demotivated. It is a normal part to give feedback for our work to make the work process even better, at the same time to improve ourselves.

In this regard, I would be happy to hear your opinion, feedback, or recommendations, if you have any for me. I will be grateful and also thank you again for your time.

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